In 2019 we rename Yourdog Nederland B.V. into HelloPets B.V. and move to a different office space to further facilitate our growth. We add the exclusive distribution of two Affinity brands Advance and True Instinct to our portfolio. Other brands show steady growth.

Easypets is founded and we start with importing our first products from the Asia. Easypets is our first venture in non-food pet products. PetBrands signs with several client’s. For one client Petbrands developed a direct-to-consumer subscription channel.


Hopper Selective is added to the brand family. This rabbit food is developed in with the same strategy as WOOOF but is sold only via partners. Later this year we introduced Hopper as a white-label.

HayesBrothers petfood for dogs and cat’s is introduced to fill the gap between Yourdog and WOOOF. A mid-range brand for both dogs and cats. All HayesBrothers products are also available as a white-label.

PetBrands is founded. PetBrands functions as an agency for foreign producers and brand owners that want to sell on the dutch market. Several clients are signed in the first year.


Yourdog and WOOOF are become established names in the pet industry. We start selling WOOOF at different online platforms and also launch the German website.


Taken what we had learned from our Yourdog experience we reverse engineered a product that would fit the the Dutch online consumer. This is how WOOOF was created. Our team grew rapidly and so did our need for distribution.


Yourdog was introduced to market with moderate succes.


The Yourdog dogfood idea was born and would be introduced in association with BOL.com. To develop the products we joined forces with Harry van der Steen to develop Yourdog. A small german factory was able to help us produce the first small quantities.