At HelloPets we have a clear mission. “Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future for all pets.” We invest in companies and develop products that add to our mission.


Pets are our best friends and we want our best friends to be happy and healthy.

We, as pet parents, love tail wagging. In everything we do we are looking for ways to create a tail wagging moment. More tail wagging moments each day thanks to HelloPets* make us the happiest people on the planet. 


These are the HelloPets values. This is what makes us tail wagging goood. 

  1. Be tail wagging fun
  2. Listen then listen some more
  3. Do more with less
  4. Be humble & reasonable
  5. Small details are huge

Core value #1 – Be tail wagging fun

We want to have fun with all our customers and stakeholders. We also want to create as much tail wagging moments as we possibly can through our products and services. Smiles and tail wagging is what makes us happy.

Core value #2 – Listen then listen some more

We listen. Ask question to get the full scope. We also discuss the feedback we receive. We learn what to improve. Implement improvements and listen again.

Core value #3 – Do more with less

Nuff said. 

Core value #4 – Be humble & reasonable

Always be humble and grateful for the work we do for and with all our stakeholders. We can find a reasonable solution for any challenge.

Core value #5 – Small details are huge

Small details matter. Everything starts small and has the potential to become huge. Small things can also be the difference between good and great. We pay attention to the smallest details.