At HelloPets we have a clear mission. “Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future for all pets.” We invest in companies and develop products that add to our mission.


Pets are our best friends and we want our best friends to be happy and healthy.

We, as pet parents, love tail wagging. In everything we do we are looking for ways to create a tail wagging moment. More tail wagging moments each day thanks to HelloPets* make us the happiest people on the planet. 


These are the HelloPets values. This is what makes us tail wagging goood. 

  1. One dog doesn’t make a pack
  2. No fuss, just fun
  3. Lead the way
  4. Be entrepreneurial
  5. Wagging breeders

Core value #1 – One dog doesn’t make a pack

Within our pack – our customers, partners and ourselves – it’s all about collaboration, respect, helpfulness, commitment and trust. A social group, in which we are friendly, enthusiastic and playful. We learn from each other and always seek connection with an open attitude. We provide feedback in an appropriate manner: no nonsense by bottling it up, but reporting it as soon as something arises. Don’t toe the line, but be honest and take care of each other, encourage and reward desired behavior.

Core value #2 – No fuss, just fun

Our favorite customer trick is ‘Stay!’, because we like having them with us and we want to keep it that way. As vigilant dogs, we are sharp on our high quality and animal welfare. No unnecessary complicated hassle, but providing service that makes every customer happy. We continuously gain knowledge, so that we remain those loyal dogs know what we are talking about. We do our utmost to please both owner and animal.

Core value #3 – Lead the way

We constantly monitor whether we provide the service and quality that is important: being reliable, clear and transparent communicate time, keep agreements and meet deadlines – with a great sense of final responsibility. We firmly grasp onto this and demonstrate personal leadership by always saying what we do and doing what we say This also means that we actively motivate each other in this, set a good example and address each other as something
goes differently than agreed.

Core value #4 – Be entrepreneurial

We like to put our foot forward in an ambitious, innovative and professional manner. Like a curious pup, we like to sniff around changes: what works well today can be even better tomorrow. The exploring boundaries, challenging the status quo, experimenting and calling it quits when we want to stop doing something; we dare to speak up, because this is the only way we can learn.

Core value #5 – Wagging breeders

With the energy of a working dog, we always strive to please the customer. No matter how far we have to go go and no matter how fast we have to run for it; we do it with commitment and decisiveness. We are flexible, creative and solution-oriented. We exceed customer expectations, because we go far to create wags. On this area we are not underdogs; we are the leader of the pack.